Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup
Jack Flint

Jack is a sparky little fire starter who first picked up props in 2015. Through out the years he has performed and worked with the Hudsucker Posse and FlowMotion. His passion is things on strings, mainly Rope Dart, Poi and Yo-yos.

Kids Rope Dart 101
This class will cover a few fundamentals for beginning rope dart. We will start with finding space and exploring how large of an area we need in order to practice Rope dart. Once we all feel comfortable with spacing, we will learn how to anchor our rope darts and start practice shooting the rope dart and letting it go fully. Lastly, we go over ways to keep our rope dart from hitting the ground so we can continue our flow without stopping, and the foot work to go along with this. All the learning will be done through fun activities, and if there is time we can play a game of tag the teacher to show off our new skills.
Ropedart 101
The class will start with anchoring our rope darts. From there we will learn how to turn the rope dart from one side of the body to the other. After we get that down we will start in different types of shots. We will be focusing on foot, knee and elbow shots. After a bit of practice we will move up to neck shots and wraps. We will learn a few other types of wraps and empty knots in the workshop. We will wrap the class up by showing one of my favorite ways to string everything together and a fun way to practice all things learned within the workshop.
Rope Dart Skill Share
This is a class time set up to learn from each other. It is for all levels of Rope dart. Come and show us your moves and teach us new tricks. There is no firm curriculum for this class just a time slot for Rope Dartists to meet up and show off their moves.