Theme Camps

Theme camps are ​unique & interactive experiences for all PlayThinkers.

Theme Camps - The Interstrange
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2024 Theme Camps

Art Gallery

A curated experience for all to see the magic and mayhem that the live artists bring to your PlayThink experience. Say hi to one of your favorite artist, ask them questions about their work and inspirations, and buy a new piece of art for your home.

Psanctuary's Mush Love Camp

Everything mycological. Education, engagement entertainment and more.

Circus of Purpose

The Circus of Purpose theme camp offers a whimsical community gathering space and tea lounge where we host a variety of workshops, flowshops, themed tea parties, performances, conscious conversations and is the home base for our roaming clowns and Circus parades. The CommuniTea lounge is an open, warm, and inviting space open for all to enjoy day and night. Come hang out, connect, relax, play, and create!

Flow Zone

The Flow Zone is an interactive free-form play ground where you can try out a flow-prop like a Hoop, Staff, Poi, or juggling sticks, etc. without time restraints, pressure or obligation. We can also offer on-the-spot free-form beginner and intermediate instruction that is fun, exciting, and informative because it’s customized to you. So let go of your hesitation and come enjoy how good it can feel to dance and play in the Flow Zone.

SoulRebeLex Chill Lounge

The team of SoulRebeLex will be set up by the community water source a lounge area with our small swimming pools, towels, wipes, water and snacks. This will be a place for the community to use as a meeting point, resting point, cooling off and FUN. We will have bubbles, free face painting, and our amazing kiddie pools. We will also be offering our community paint project again this year!

Kids at Heart

Located directly next to a playground, kids at heART offers playshops throughout the day for the youngest of PlayThinkers. But, don’t fret, we wouldn’t keep you from these awesome experiences. Adults can play too.

Red Tent Temple

Red Tent Temple is a safe sacred space to honor women ; deep in the woods is a shaded oasis to relax and recharge , anyone who feels called to join us is welcome from 10am-8pm. There is a cozy chill spot , a self care section, a few activities, & period supplies.

Sacred Awakening

Sacred Awakening is a family-friendly, platonic-touch-welcome quiet chill zone centered around healing energy and wellness. It is integrated with the Ashtree Therapeutics massage bus and Readings by Regan (Reiki and Tarot). The space is open to all.

Slack Park

A series of slack lines just a few feet off the ground perfect for playing, honing in on that meditation practice, and participating in the balancing act of life. Available for all ages.

Social Solos Camp is a dedicated space for those attending the festival alone (or as the solo adult with kids) to camp together, create community, and share resources.

Camp Compost!

We will collect compostable goods from individual campers and their campsites, and haul the compost away daily to my nearby farm. We will have an all ages compost relay event on Thursday, an all ages edible compost event Friday, and a community compost workshop/demonstration on Saturday and provide information about the magic and environmental and human benefits composting.

Kentucky Fried Camp

Kentucky Fried Camp has brought gingham-festooned fried baloney parties to Black Rock City for 20 years. We are delighted to finally participate at PlayThink in 2024! In addition to serving fried baloney sandwiches, KFC will host sunrise yoga, an enclosed Toddler Corral, and a square dance.


Everyone can get outside and play! Remember the days of being outdoors and just meeting new friends and playing until the sun went down? Let’s make it happen. Feel the nostalgia with positive and energetic instructor-led games throughout the day that will bring Play-Thinkers together in team-building and ice-breaking games. Meet new people, get physical, and be active with others.

So, Welcome To The PLAYground! The Playground will be an opportunity to play nostalgic childhood games as adults. In PLAYground, adults and children will be given a daily individual or small group challenge with scheduled large group activities. There will also be chill games to play throughout the day like mancala and card games.

VYBE Vortex

Imagine a haven where artists, creatives, and people from all walks of life can authentically connect. Envision an intentionally playful environment filled with creative amusement, music, dance, and an array of activities that nourish the human spirit. Our open-format space invites participants to play, explore, and discover new or cherished ways of engaging in personal and communal expression. At VYBE Vortex, we present a carefully curated reinvention of recess for the soul, fostering a dynamic space for authentic connection and creative exploration.