PlayThink's Frequently Asked Questions

This is a hard question to answer because PlayThink is what everyone wants it to be.

Sometimes PlayThink is a Cirque du Soleil performance, Other times it’s a circus camp. Sometimes it's a peaceful yoga class, and later a mind-blowing parkour course. It’s part summer camp and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Part artisan market & foodies festival. It’s a joyous community, and a wonderful space to find peace & solitude.

At its heart, PlayThink is a place for one to explore athletic & creative interests.

PlayThink is designed with everyone in mind.

There are activities for attendees of all ages, interests & physical ability levels.

Not athletic? We encourage participation & offer a safe environment to explore athletic activities. Yet PlayThinkers are welcome to observe, if they prefer.

PlayThink also offers: a variety of non-physical classes; a marketplace; artworks; and daily music & showcase performances for all PlayThinkers to enjoy.
Yes, PlayThink is definitely family friendly!PlayThink creates a safe environment for children and adults. A natural space where they may explore, take part in athletic activities, and explore art & music in age & skill level appropriate classes.

Flow Arts is a form of moving meditation, a physical expression of emotion, and a medium to channel personal growth. 

At its most simple form, Flow Arts is the disciplined movement of one or more objects around the body. 

  • Watch/Reliable Time Piece
  • Baby wipes
  • Blanket for hanging out on the grass
  • Bug spray
  • Camera/Video Camera, batteries
  • Clothes: prepare for hot or cold, wet or dry weather.  Bring favorite play clothes & costumes
  • Crash-pad or air mattress
  • Day Pack
  • Folding chair
  • Food & Cooler
  • Galoshes
  • Ground tarp/footprint for under tent
  • Head lamp
  • Lantern or tent light
  • Lip balm
  • Money for food & marketplace
  • Parasol or umbrella
  • Portable fan
  • Portable music player & speakers
  • Re-usable drink container (fresh, clean water will be available to refill)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Tent, tent poles, stakes
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Fire spinning supplies
  • Hand drum for the drum circle
  • Musical Instruments
  • Small notebook & pen for journaling
  • Yoga Mat & Flow toys

You don’t need to buy any props to enjoy PlayThink.

Instructors bring props to class for student use. The PlayThink community embraces sharing, and is often willing to share props in class.

If you find you like a particular prop and want your own, you may buy one from a PlayMarket vendor.

Food vendors will be onsite providing: coffee, crepes, smoothies, and other scrumptious treats.

We suggest bringing healthy food, and plenty of water to nourish your body for this fun weekend.

There will be ice sales on site daily at the Terrapin Hill General Store. 

January 15, 2023 at 12 noon EST, RV Hook ups and Self Sustaining RV spots will be available for purchase in limited supply. They often sell out in minutes, so please be prepared.

Wednesday 4 pm - 12 am
Thursday 8 am - 11 am
Friday 8 am - 11 pm
Saturday 8 am - 10 pm
Sunday 8 am - 12 pm

Terrapin Hill Farm is located at 7695 Mackville Road (Rt.152) about 8 miles west of Harrodsburg.

Get customized directions from your location here on Google Maps.

Signs will be posted at intersections, yet are sometimes difficult to see. When you get about 7 miles west of Harrodsburg you’ll cross a cement bridge and the farm is 1/2 mile from the bridge, on the left. If you start going back up the hill you’ve passed it.

Hot showers are free at Terrapin Hill Farm

Yes, there is a small pond, a creek, and a river to play in. We can’t guarantee how much water will be in the creek, but there is always water in the pond. Please swim at your own risk. All children 17 and under must have a legal guardian attending them while swimming.

Yes, you will be able to come and go as you wish. Please note that you will be subject to search each time you enter the festival grounds. This is purely for the safety of our guests. Your wristband must remain on for re-entry.

The closest major airport is Bluegrass Airport located in Lexington, KY which is approximately a 1 hour drive to Terrapin Hill Farm.

Yes, at the Participation Station/Info Booth

No, we love spontaneity! You may choose to attend any workshop, even moments before it starts. There is no registration required.

Individual campfires are allowed in above-ground devices, like grills or portable fire pits. No ground fires are permitted. There will be a glorious bonfire raging at night for everyone to enjoy.

PlayThink does not allow pets with the exception of trained service animals. Please make alternative arrangements for your pets for the weekend.

Most people do not receive cell service in the area. Our venue does not offer internet service. With everything going on, you won’t miss your cell phone.

It’s absolutely okay. The festival site is set up to accommodate people coming and going. Feel free to come for an afternoon, leave for the evening, and come back! 

Camping is included with PlayThink admission. Parking is $10 per car.

There are well-maintained porta-potties on site. There are flush toilets and a bathhouse on site with 6 shower stalls. However, we suggest bringing a solar shower for personal use if frequent showers are preferred or if you are not a fan of waiting in line.

Generators are approved but we ask that you not use them between the hours of 12 am - 8 am.

We’ll have a fire circle by the main stage! Fire dancing is ONLY allowed within the designated safe fire circles when the fire safety team is present. Fire performers are required to attend one of the fire safety meetings, have equipment checked for safety, and check in with the fire safety team before performing in the safe fire circle.

In order to expedite entry and utilize the space efficiently, you will not be able to pick your camping area unless you purchase a camping upgrade. If you would like to camp with friends, you MUST arrive with them! All camping is next to your vehicle.

Yes, please.

There is water for sale at the Terrapin Hill General Store and at many of our food vendor booths. We encourage you to bring reusable water bottles and at least 1 gallon of water per person per day to supply your camp with water.

Yes, the medics are located at the bathhouse at the crossroads between the main vendor road and the main stage. 

Yes, we call it the Participation Station and it is located near the general store between the campground and main stage areas. 

Absolutely! To maintain a positive and wholesome atmosphere, we strictly prohibit the presence of alcohol or substances on our event site. Our goal is to provide a sober and uplifting experience for all participants, fostering a vibrant and mindful community.

Ticket Information

You can easily transfer your ticket to someone else by logging into Eventbrite. If you need help, email us at info@playthinkfest.com. Tickets are non-refundable.

Due to the increased number of scammers, we cannot approve ticket sale posts on the PlayThink Festival event page. You’re welcome to post your tickets for sale on the PlayThink Community Facebook group.

PlayThink is all ages! Kids 5 & under are free. Kids 6-15 accompanied by an adult can get a Kids Ticket.

Children under age 18 must be accompanied by parents or a responsible adult at all times. The kids area is fun for all ages, but it is not a day care. Please DO NOT leave children unattended.

No, but you must have your tickets accessible on your phone. Please download them or screenshot the QR codes so you don’t have to worry about whether you have service when you arrive!

You can find your tickets by logging into your Eventbrite account with the email address you purchased them under.

If you need help, email us at info@playthinkfest.com

Yes, but there is a possibility that not all options will be available due to demand.

Yes, we will offer child and adult day passes at the gate. You will be required to park in the day pass parking lot. All vehicles left in day parking will be towed by 2:00 am each evening.

Terrapin Hill Farm Rules

  • NO WEAPONS of any kind (regardless of permit)
  • NO ILLEGAL DRUGS or Drug Paraphernalia – Violators will be ejected from the Festival & are subject to prosecution under local, state, & federal laws.
  • NO GLASS – bring your drinks in aluminum or plastic please
  • NO FIREWORKS or explosives of any kind
  • NO ANIMALS, DOGS or PETS – if you bring animals you will be turned away at the gate
  • SERVICE ANIMALS – must be wearing owner ID Tags & Anti-Rabies Vaccination Tags 
  • NO DRIVING around event grounds once parked
  • NO UNAUTHORIZED VENDING. Please purchase a roaming vending pass if you would like to sell your wares but don’t want a booth. 
  • CAMPFIRES will only be allowed in established fire rings, burn barrels, or raised patio pits. 
  • LEAVE-NO-TRACE – Leave PlayThink better than you found it & RECYCLE
  • BIKES will be allowed, but must be well lit for your safety if using them at night. 
  • RAIN or SHINE Event
  • TICKET SALES ARE FINAL, non-refundable & non-returnable
  • RESPECT the beauty of PlayThink, please use recycling bins & consider your neighbors
  • LISTEN TO & Respect all Staff, Security & Volunteers. Your safety is our #1 concern
  • ALL PERSONS BEHAVING IN AN ILLEGAL, OFFENSIVE OR DISORDERLY FASHION WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUNDS WITHOUT REFUND. Violators will be ejected & are subject to prosecution under local, state, & federal laws.

General Tips

FAQ - Close Up Of Friends At Entrance To Music Festival Putting On Security Wristbands

Wear Your Wristband

All attendees must wear a PlayThink wristband, issued at greeter station, upon entry. Wristbands must be worn at all times during PlayThink. Anyone without a wristband will be escorted from the event. Anyone possessing a wristband, altered in any way, will be ejected without a refund.

aerial silks class at PlayThink 2019

Parental Guidance

Anyone 17, and under, arriving without an adult will be turned away at the gate. Children 5, and under, are free. Anyone 15, and older, will be charged full admission. 

broken old glass pieces on white background

Don't Bring Glass

Broken glass & bare feet don’t mix.  Please leave all glass at home. We will be doing car searches to keep our community safe. 

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

If you pack it in, pack it out! Be sure to bring extra trash bags. Whatever you bring in, you must take out, including garbage. There will be no garbage receptacles, or dumpster, to dispose of things. It is your responsibility to clean your camp area, and leave it in the same (if not better) condition, as when you arrived. If you see MOOP (matter out of place/litter) kindly pick it up and find a receptacle for it.