Our Values


More than family friendly - PlayThink is curated with the entire family in mind. We're community focused and community starts with family.


Don’t take yourself so seriously! We believe that “enlightenment” isn’t about doom and gloom, it’s about fun and love.


Your self. Your whole self. And nothing but yourself.


We accept all sexual orientations, gender definitions (or lack thereof), races, cultures, political views and any other life preferences.


Be curious and try new things, whatever that means to you. A place to expand our horizons and drive our personal growth to new limits.


PlayThink attracts like-minded folks with similar values. PlayThinkers are family and family are people who have your backs no matter what.


At our festival, we embrace 'sober' as a core value. We believe that by creating an environment free from alcohol and substances, we can foster genuine connections, inspire personal growth, and ensure a safe, inclusive, and memorable experience for all attendees. Join us in celebrating life, music, and art in a sober and conscious way!

PlayThink is a Sober Event

Our goal is to share and spread the message that means most to us: that it is possible to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit in a world which seeks to disconnect us from ourselves and from each other. We accomplish this by offering an event that prohibits drugs and alcohol in order to help pave the path to your true authentic self.

PlayThink is a place where folks feel comfortable and safe as themselves – a space where it is safe to dive deep into the WHO, WHAT, and WHY’s of life without substances clouding the experience. It’s a space where you can be radically YOU – seen, heard, and loved – so that disconnection of a substance or alcohol doesn’t feel as necessary.


Zero Waste Event Productions LLC is the leading recycling, composting, and waste management provider for outdoor festivals and events. Our team provides the experience, equipment, and dedication to service that will leave you with a clean, comfortable venue from start to finish—and a lower environmental impact!

Zero waste events are good for our planet and our future. More and more festival attendees desire sustainable initiatives at festivals. 

Going zero waste is just one of many steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint, keep festival grounds clean and improve the experience for all attendees!