Welcome to Terrapin Hill Farm! 

There’s a playground, showers, bonfires, and a swimming hole at the Chaplin River near the entrance to the farm. There’s nothing like watching the sun come up from the top of the knob, with a group of hardy folks who don’t want the fun to end and a handful of musicians that refuse to lay down their instruments until well after break of day.

Come join the fun at Terrapin Hill Farm festivals – great music and friendly people!

Terrapin Hill Farm is located at 7695 Mackville Road, on Rt.152 between Harrodsburg and Mackville.

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Signs will be posted at intersections, yet are sometimes difficult to see:
​When you get about 7 miles west of Harrodsburg on Rt. 152 (Mackville Rd), after you cross a cement bridge there will be a straight stretch of road. After you pass a small stone house on the left, look for our driveway on the left, between the black mailbox (#3696) and the guardrail. If you start going back up the hill you’ve passed it.