2022 Instructor lineup

Manifestation: Sigils & Signs

For the Love of Numbers

Amanda Joy

Osho Active Meditation 

Sacred Art of Henna

Amethyst Forest

Zen Painting Meditation

Ananda Fire Walker

Thai Massage: Hips 

Conflict Resolution 

Healing Circle

Andy Karavitis

Open Circle Discussion

Ecstatic Dance

Asher Taylor-dawson

Move and Be Moved

Bales Fox

Fire Breathng Sign Language

Ben Crawford

How We Walked 2,000 Miles with Kids

ben short


candy moutnain music


Carly inman

Kundalini Flow

Charlie Raymond

Bluegrass Bigfoot: Encounters With Kentucky Wildmen

Cindy Law


cosmic water yoga

Let There be Songs to Fill the Air

Introduction to Somatic Yoga

Sanskrit Bijas & Phonemes

108 Savitri Gayatri Mantra

Gong Bath & Sound Meditation

Courtney Youphoriafy

Transformative Ecstatic Dance

darth sillygoose

Jiu Jitsu for Self Defense

dj spellbinder

Kids Dance Party

flint blade

Twirling, Tossing & Jumping thru Hoops

Vocal Toning Circle

Glenn Brown

The Lionflow Yoga Playshop

hannah rainbows

Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

Hooper of Kirkwood

Hoop Physics

Breaking Fundamentals

Advanced Pinch Breaks

HoopYogi allie

Hoop Yoga

Including your Bottom Half

Roll it Out

jaime brown

Laughter Yoga

jb macc

Yoga Wheel: Conditioning for Acrobatics

Acro Yoga Jam Session

jonjonjon brown

Quarter Time w/Double Staff

Intro to Double Staff

Circle of Encouragement

Double Staff Hybrids

Poi Tosses

Double Staff Neo Patterns

joseph marlow

Rites of Passage Men’s Circle

joy smith

Self Love Language

Language for Fun Relations

kaitlin bales

Kids Intro to Contact Staff

kali the courageous

Hoopyogini: Spinal Awakening

Fire Hooping 101

Hoopyogini: From the Core

kayla talbott


Kay Ko

Yoga for Flow Artists

Intro to Tech Fans

On-body Hooping Techniques

In-Spins with Fans

kelsey rae



Freestyle Rap Activation

krisstina hawks & Kate Burns


The Matrix

Partner Doubles 1

Partner Doubles 2

Hand to Foot to Hand

lance minnis

Sacred Awakening: Painted Symbols

Sacred Awakening: Sacred Touch

leila christina

Sound & Song as Medicine

Bowdrill Friction Fire

PlayThink Logo

Beginner Three Ball Patterns

Advanced Three Ball Patterns

lisa pettrey

Hoop Basics

Your Child Can Hoop

Maggie Lasher

Intro to Longstring Leviwand

Buugeng Bits

Dance Your Hoop

T is for Tarot

mar leaf

Get Flipped! Inversions for Everyone

Self-Love Meditation


Wierd Flux, But Okay

Everything in its Right Place

Humble Buuginnings

megan rhoads


michelle burns

Dream Scream

miranda felice

Nature Connection Through Song

Mr. Toastey & Miss Plum

Strum Don’t Fret! Ukulele for All!

PlayThink Logo

Low-Tech Mushroom Cultivation

Ninja Bacon

Nunchucks: Getting Started

Nunchucks for KIDS

Nunchucks: Level Up

Nunchucks: Mastery

Nokomis Eden

Spiritual & Traditional Birth

paul hull

Finding the Flow State with Intent

Pauly flows

Gender & Movement

phoenix wright

Discovering the Characters Within


Release Your Inner Child

regan wann

Sacred Awakening: Painted Symbols

Sacred Awakening: Sacred Touch

Rhett Fulkerson

Wire Art: Twisting Trees

Sabryna Sunshine

Flexibility & Dexterity for Progress & Prevention

Safiya Nawaar

Sensual Veils

Fan Veil Flow

sandi tye



Composing Guided Meditations

Psychic Sleep: Yoga Nidra

sara joy

Intro to Fans

Fan Tosses

Massage & Bodywork

sarah supernova

Kids Hoop Dance

Beginner Acro Dance (tumbling)

Tandem Hooping


Contact Wand

Y’all Need Magic: Intro to Leviwand

Wingardium LeviYoWand

Building Leviwand Combos

sideshow jake

Intro to Juggling

Poi Flowers

Intro to Three Poi

slinky josh

Slinky Manipulation 101

Slinky Manipulation 102

Soothe Wellness

Embodied Nervous System Reset


Flow for Kids, the Next Generation of Jedi

Contact Staff: the Silent Dance Partner

Dragonstaff, Dancing with Dragons

Double Contact Staff, Stick Origami

teresa johnson

Life After Breath

Elemental Flow into Summer

Samba Dance Festival Style

Terri Kendall

Open Aerial

The bear guy

Exploring the Five Beat Weave

Exploring Thread the Needle

Beginner Poi: Timing & Direction

Thomas arnwine

Qigong & Chinese Medicine

thomas santiago

Fireology 101: Fleshing

Fireology 102: Extinguishes (beginner)

Tiki Bee

Rope Dart Dance



Sprouts: Flowerstix for Kids

Leviwands for Little Wizards

Venus de hooplah

FOUR Hula Hoops!

Circus Style Hoop Tricks

ALL Prop Flow

Hula Hoop SPLITS!

Creating a Trauma Informed Class

virginia lacefield


willow hill

Building Secure Attachments as an Adult

Our Cyclical Being: Hormone Health

winnie jo

Temporary Tattoos and Hair Painting