Terrapin Hill Farm

Terrapin Hill Farm is a gorgeous blend of fields, forests, ponds, creeks, and a river that winds through the farm. The farm’s business focus is on Agritourism – bringing people onto the land to enjoy the gifts it has to offer. The owners, Pete and Brenda Cashel, are honored to share their beautiful part of the Earth with others through public and private events such as festivals and weddings. The farm is easy to get to, but so secluded it feels like miles away from the rest of the world.

Music festival at Terrapin Hill Farm

Terrapin Hill Farms Amenities

There’s a playground, showers, bonfires, and a swimming hole at the Chaplin River near the entrance to the farm. There’s nothing like watching the sun come up from the top of the knob, stretching the arms high to welcome a new day. 

As you wake in the morning and inhale the mist and distant aroma of incense, you will be filled with gratitude for the beauty of Kentucky – the bluegrass, tall trees, and chorus of crickets.

Terrapin Hill Farm is the perfect oasis for PlayThink. The sun-soaked fields allow for over 200 transformational healing, arts, and music workshops. 

Firewalk at Terrapin Hill Farm

The two on-site stages are perfectly set for a circle of music from day start to day end. The Chapel Stage, an A-frame structure, looks over the first field as you walk from your campsite. The first half of our PlayMarket borders the area and the morning is filled with the sounds of an ethereal native flute from Fred Keams. You simply can’t tell how sacred it is until you’re standing on the spot.

Acroyoga Terrapin Hill Farm

The circle continues on past our second PlayMarket, the bathhouse (REAL SHOWERS!), and a playground filled with equipment from our past – can we say merry-go-round!?

The Terrapin Stage at the foot of the knob is sat perfectly at the bottom of the hill allowing for a natural amphitheater. All folks can easily see and there’s plenty of space for dancing RIGHT in front of the stage. 

Ultimately, Terrapin Hill Farm offers it all! Seclusion, minimal cell phone service (disconnect to reconnect ;-)), on-site amenities, and all the MAGIC of a Kentucky forest. Terrapin Hill truly makes PlayThink a home away from home festival. 

Terrapin Hill Farm Forrest

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