Sanctuary Series

It is TIME. Our retreat is now open to the public!

The Sensuality Series Retreat – a safe space for deep intimacy and conscious connection is now LIVE with limited spots filling up. Organized and facilitated by Paige Zen and Amber Rose, this 5 day/4 night retreat (August 22-26th) is designed to bring out all the MAGIC and sensual vibes.

Imagine 5 days dropping deep into your body, journeying into timelessness where you get to discover the INFINITE pleasures that live within you.

5 days of being completely offline and fully immersed in the depths of sensuality and being present with your body.

  • Beyond your mind
  • Where there’s nothing to do
  • Nothing to become

Only you, coming back home to the remembrance of who you really are.

When you walk away from this experience, you will feel the EMBODIMENT that your body is your temple and it is time to come back home.

We have been dreaming of offering a retreat like this for quite some time.

What makes this one different and special?

This retreat will leave you feeling sensual and sexy, while giving you the space, time, and tools to fall even deeper in love with yourself and others. We’ll be offering a curated variety of activities, exercises, and discussions leaving you feeling more empowered and downright alive when it comes to intimacy, sensuality and pleasure.

You will be pampered with decadent food and drinks made in-house by our very own private chef, Cory Eft. You will be residing in a TEMPLE home and receive the most luscious goodie bag of hand-picked items. Your time with no distractions to attend curated playshops and activities that will move your soul and break your heart open. THIS is your chance to explore all your senses and learn more about the deeper layers of your beautiful self.

It is time for you to turn up the heat on what self-love means to you and let the world see you shine! If you are curious about how to heal your relationship with sexuality, your body, and your self-image – this is a great place to start.

This is for the soul that knows that physical and emotional intimacy with ourselves and each other is a way to personal fulfillment.

This is for the person who wants to open their heart and get seriously turned on.

Check out this HOUSE we will be staying in.


Discover your inner serenity at our beautiful retreat house: Heavenly Way Lodge

Nestled between the majestic vistas of Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain State Parks, our home for Sanctuary Series: Desire, Pleasure & Intimacy offers an exclusive experience limited to just 10 guests. With stunning mountain views right from the comfort of our lodge, you will be sure to find your sense of inner peace.

Our retreat lodge ensures a personalized and intimate getaway, ideal for those seeking solace and inspiration.
Check out our luxurious accommodations: Your Private Sanctuary

Each guest is treated to the luxury of their own Queen or twin sized bed, promising restful nights and slow mornings.

Our sensuality retreat is more than just a getaway; it’s a transformative experience designed to guide you through the realms of touch, taste, sight, and sound.

Indulge in workshops that inspire intimacy, celebrate connection, and honor the sacredness of your sensual self. Ready to journey through the senses?

Claim your opportunity to be fully present and receptive to the grounded, authentic self-love waiting for you to explore…

During this sensuality retreat we will become more in touch with:

  • Our sense of play and freedom
  • Discovering true authentic connection with others
  • Exploring our senses
  • Healing our intimacy wounds
  • Healing our inner child
  • Releasing old stories of body shame and fear of our innate sense of power and pleasure
  • Limiting beliefs that hold us back from fully immersing into our bodies and emotional experiences
  • Expressing our sensuality through movement
  • Our relationship to nature

Included in this immersive weekend:

  • Eight delectable, sense-invoking, health-conscious meals – Daily Brunch, Dinner, Treats, and Snacks.
  • Morning Rituals daily with Amber and Paige. Curated yoga, dance, journaling prompts, partner and group connection experiences, sacred circles, sensory explorations
  • Excursion to Hanging Rock state park with guided meditative hikes to Hanging Rock overlook and Lower Cascade Falls
  • Evening Dinner Celebrations
  • The adornment sensuality photo shoot (A group shoot + mini individual ones- with props/ backdrops. A DREAM photoshoot)
  • Cabaret style dance/paint party with exotic dance lessons from Amber- embrace your erotic expression through art!
  • Cuddle Party Experience
  • Lodging immersed in nature, surrounded by mountain scenery
  • Self-marriage ceremony experience- you can’t divorce yourself!
  • Uninterrupted time to unwind, relax and enjoy nature
    Teas, plant elixirs and an inspired goodie bag full of incredible self-love delights!
  • Surprise guest facilitators (more info coming soon)
  • …And so much more! You will never want to leave!

Commonly asked questions:

Is this retreat co-ed? YES!

Come solo or with a friend or beloved. All genders welcome! This is a fully-clothed introduction to conscious eroticism.

Will there be gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options? YES!

Our very own private chef will be taking note of all dietary restrictions and allergies, and specially preparing dishes to accommodate, at no extra cost.

Is the hike to Hanging Rock strenuous?

This hike is 2.6 miles round trip. There are some stairs, a few steeper sections, but generally moderate. Hiking shoes are recommended. The hike will be optional, as there are many other trails to explore in the park. The hike to Lower Cascade falls is 0.4 miles with some stairs as well. If you are still unsure about this excursion, check out this website for more info:

Meet Our Retreat Hosts

Paige Zen

Meet our guide and space holder, Paige Zen. Paige has 15 years of experience in holding space for creatives and healers as they find their most authentic and raw selves in the world. She is the visionary of PlayThink, Kentucky Yoga Festival, The Goddexx Initiative, and the Kentucky Mushroom Festival – bringing in deep exploratory experiences to people interested in self growth, personal divinity, and natural medicines in the world.

“Just like you I have my own story of finding myself in the nooks and crevices of the world. And I believe that each of us can bring our stories and our medicine to one another to grow, learn, and uncover even more love for ourselves.”

Amber Rose
Amber Rose offers a creatively diverse background, complemented by certifications that offer a treasure trove of experience and wisdom to our transformative event.As a 200hr RYT (yoga instructor) and professionally trained belly dancer, Amber has honed her skills in kundalini activation, body-mind-spirit unity, and movement practices. Her extensive training in exotic dance, belly dance, partner dance styles, burlesque, pole, and aerial hoop, along with her CirqFit teacher certification in aerial hoop, allows her to offer a unique blend of body mechanics, bodily awareness, and safety in her teachings.In addition, she is the proud owner of Honey & Essence, a unique pop-up shop that features organic perfume oils, bespoke art commissions, and captivating belly dance performances and workshops tailored for your special events.Amber’s journey through the adult entertainment industry has provided her with a deep understanding of intimacy, conscious eroticism, and fierce boundaries, which she navigates with grace and authenticity. Her commitment to teaching others about consent and sacred sexuality is reflected in her work as a priestess, where she facilitates ceremonies for others.Amber takes a grounded, authentic approach to spirituality, while empowering others on their path to self-discovery.
Cory Eft

Meet our cook, Cory, who brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for health and cooking to our kitchen. With a strong belief in the power of food as medicine, he is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality organic and regenerative ingredients, supporting local farmers and the environment in the process.

Growing up with a Lebanese grandmother, Cory learned the art of Lebanese cuisine at a young age, and has been exploring it and other styles ever since. From fragrant spices to fresh herbs and vegetables, each dish is carefully crafted to not only tantalize your taste buds, but also to nourish your body and soul.

With a deep understanding of the connection between food and wellness, he is committed to creating menus that are both delicious and supportive of our retreat’s health and wellness goals. From nourishing soups and stews, to vibrant salads, nutrient-dense roasts, and decadent desserts, each meal is a celebration of whole foods and the natural flavors of the earth.

Join us on this transformative wellness retreat, where you’ll have the opportunity to savor the culinary creations of our talented cook, and experience the power of food as a tool for healing and vitality.

We are excited to welcome you to the serene mountains of North Carolina, where we will savor unhurried mornings and revitalizing evenings, free from distractions. Immerse yourself in the symphony of nature and bask in the warm August sunshine.

This retreat is OUR opportunity to embrace our true selves with open arms and discover a deeper sense of self-love and pleasure.

Are you prepared to join us on this transformative journey?


Queen Sized Bed
By Yourself: $2222
Down to get cozy: $1777 each

Twin Sized Bed
By Yourself: $1777
Down to get cozy: $1444 each