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2023 Instructor lineup
Jeremiah Jacobs, known affectionately as “Coach” by most, is a 28 year old instructor and performer based in Louisville KY. Always a lover of fire, he became inspired to start spinning fire at age 11 after seeing it in a film. While he started with poi, his ongoing favorite, Coach now spins and juggles all the props he can get his hands on. His goal is to push the boundaries of each prop while inspiring others to do the same. A seasoned teacher of 15 years, he truly loves the art of instruction, which is where he finds his ultimate flow. Coach has taught at hundreds of juggling conventions and flow festivals all around the globe and he looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you.
Poi multiplexing
An intermediate to advanced poi juggling workshop focused heavily on multiplexes that can only be done with poi.
Advanced 3 poi juggling
Delve in mess juggling, body throws, how to activate 423 , and how to incorporate juggling into your current flow
2 and 3 poi tosses
Build a fundamental understanding of tossing your poi . Expand your current skill set surrounding tosses.
Hoop schwoop
Explore and learn to unlock, creative and unique hoop rolls and patterns
Club manipulation
The ins and outs of club manipulation smooth out your juggling transitions
Activate your 423
Focused primarily on the active possibility of the 2 in 423 expand your movement and body throws