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2023 Instructor lineup
Willow Hill

Willow is a relationship coach. She believes everyone deserves to be in healthy, supportive and empowering relationships, but that very few of us are ever taught how and wants to change that.

This will be be Willow’s 7th Playthink. The opportunity to play and learn and practice a different way of BEing has become a valuable part of her family’s life.

Building Secure Attachment as an Adult
Our early attachments to our parents and our community shape the way our nervous system responds to intimate relationships for the rest of our lives. Most of us do not learn to form secure attachments, leaving us anxious and/or disconnected in our adult relationships. When we learn about attachment theory, we may feel doomed to our insecure patterns forever, but it is possible to build secure attachment as an adult!!! Having secure attachments allows us to form deep connections while maintaining our autonomy and sense of self.

Based on the work of Jessica Fern, author of Polysecure.
Deeper Understanding
Too often our difficult conversations get caught in cycles of reactivity and defensiveness. This multi step communication tool will help you reach a place of deeper understanding with your partner.

This tool is built from Nonviolent Communication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.