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2023 Instructor lineup
The Bear Guy

I love the way that it feels to spin poi. My poi journey began 7 years ago when I picked up a set of practice poi from the Raintree Roots booth at a harvest festival. Ever since then I have been hooked, poi is definitely the most rewarding and healthiest hobby that I have ever given myself. I enjoy exploring the movement of my body with poi, it has given me confidence and taught me how to dance. Something a few short years ago I would’ve said that I didn’t know how to do. Last year was my debut as an instructor at Playthink 2022, and it definitely showed me that I enjoy teaching and sharing my poi knowledge as much as I enjoyed learning it. I definitely want to be a part of the Playthink family for years to come. At Playthink 2022 I gave away 25 sets of poi in the hope that one or more would bring someone as much joy as poi has brought me. I would like to give away poi every year because I love to introduce people to this beautiful art.

Introduction to Poi
This class was written for the true beginners that would like to experiment with poi. It covers some basic poi terminology and is very easy to follow along with.
Tying a Monkey Fist
This class means a lot to me, I will be teaching the monkey fist knot, as we make some rope practice poi. These are the same style knots that I began spinning with and they were all I needed to fall in love with poi. I will have enough materials to tie 40 monkey fists or 20 sets depending on how many show up to the class. My girlfriend will be helping me teach this class to make sure I can help everyone finish their knot.
Archer Weaves, Stalls, Snakes and more
This class is a compilation of some of my favorite intermediate poi moves. I will breakdown each move into smaller pieces that allows you to repeat them and practice them piece at a time.
Intermediate weaves: 2 poi 1 hand 3 beat weave
In this class I will be breaking down the 5 beat weave as well as going over the 2 poi 1 hand 3 beat weave. We will practice these two moves in both directions in multiple planes. I also have a 7 beat weave that I will be unveiling at the end of this class. I am particularly proud of this move as it has been super challenging to learn
Roaming poi lessons
Since I have already applied for the maximum classes I just wanted to toss this out there. I plan on walking around with a shirt or with a sign of some sort advertising free one on one poi classes