Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup
Rocky Parker

Rocky is a teacher, a boxer, and a kid’s boxing coach. He also teaches women’s self-defense, and communication. He has over 20 years of martial arts experience, and loves to teach others how to empower themselves by building their knowledge, confidence, and communication skills.

Rocky’s goal is to help give everyone the skills they need to be safe, and feel secure, and to feel confident in their own abilities. In addition, he wants to help give everyone the skills they need to effectively express their wants and needs so that they can be heard. It’s his belief that no one should feel scared or invisible.

Women's Self-defense
A beginner class that goes over simple, easy to remember techniques, safety practices, assertive communication, and other tips to help feel safe and more empowered. Unlock your full potential!
Assertive Communication
Almost everyone struggles with communication, expressing our wants and needs in an effective way can be hard, sometimes even scary. In this class we’ll learn to effectively communicate what we want and need, and learn to say “no” without feeling guilty for it!