Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup

Rin has been interested in circus arts and performance for >20 years and loves to share her passion with our youth.
We cover basic hoop fun, clown fun, basic acro and sometimes even some infinity spins in lyra. We focus on self expression comfort and connection with the audience. Kids classes rudimentary and fun but all ages are welcome especially if you are still trying to find your side show talent🤡
I also cover fire safely with children

Yoga kids class fun and energetic trust building skills and teamwork skills
Basic beginner level stretching and teamwork building and circus basics including finding your talent basic performance skills and trylust building
Clown glasses
See the world as your very own clown ego, partner up or solo, connecting with your own inner clown, personality, face (makeup) and choreography circus switch over skits unicycling slack line and more
Kids spin jam
Hoops poi pixie dragon staff fans dart juggling you don’t know what you like unless you try… this will be time that the kids will have a chance to try different props that they may have not had access to previously We also discuss fire safety
I’m painting so my parents can do a workshop
Paint pour and/or signs to create a painting

All ages are welcome but a good time for kids to create and parents have ability to take workshops