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2023 Instructor lineup
Raye of Rainn

Nicole Raye of Raye of Rainn first picked up a hoop for dance and play in 2012 and was immediately hooked by the freeing feeling she felt. Nicole started making hoops in 2014 when she found the online hoop community and has grown exponentially since then. Raye of Rainn has vended and performed all over the United States and even into Mexico. Even with all her adventures, PlayThink is one of her most cherished events to come back to year after year. The community found at PlayThink has Nicole Raye of Raye of Rainn utterly enthralled, bringing her back year after year.

Nicole Raye is a prop maker, teacher, performer and flow arts community leader fully invested in the growth of flow arts for one and all. The realm of body movement is vast, Nicole is determined to help everyone find their own space within the realm of body movement and health. Nicole loves to converse with her fellow PlayThinkers- go find her and chat!

Dynamic movements with a single hoop
*Dynamic movement with single hoop* including some on body goodness with loads of off body tricks and moves, Changing tempos, planes, expressions, body language and more to fit the vibe/mood. Performance style hooping with freedom of expression. There is no wrong way to move and groove. I will teach the moves and tricks i find myself doing all the time. I love to teach falling into the next movements on your own- making it YOUR flow. This class will include teaching tricks, flow, finding your own movements into them and out of them, along with choreographed movements to elevate your flow and potential performances. I will help all beginners and advanced alike, we will make sure EVERYONE is understanding and obtaining this curriculum.
On Body Jamz
*on body jamz* Getting comfortable with on body in every location. Boob & booty hooping if time permits. Mainly on body- inside the hoop- horizontal and vertical jams. Feeling the bounce of the hoop to make it feel and look flawless. Knees, waist, shoulders, chest. Let’s work it up and down! We will work on on body hooping at each spot on your body. We will get vertical. We will get on the ground level. We will jam out by putting everything together in whatever orders feel right in order to find YOUR flow. This is a class for all levels. If you can’t seem to get waist hooping, or any other on body motion down- THIS is the class for you! I will work with all levels so that everyone can feel successful after class.