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2023 Instructor lineup

Yoga devotee, citizen scientist, mushroom breeder & cultivator, herbalist, permaculture enthusiast and complete mycophile, Nada is driven by a passion for sustainable food systems, ecological revitalization, and hope for a green, biodiverse future. In 2018, after being introduced to the work of Alan Rockefeller, Paul Stamets, Tradd Cotter, William Padilla-Brown & Ryan Paul Gates, he began also dedicating his life to researching fungi.
Today, he is blending practical spiritual principles with modern science and grass-roots business, working to advance the art and science of applied mycology through mushroom breeding, cultivation, education, and community building along with other research across several key fields including: bio- & Mycoremediation, large-scale waste decomposition, natural farming methods, myco-materials and nutraceuticals.

DIY Mycology: Fungal Foundations
Our main area of exploration will be the basics of home mushroom cultivation using low-tech methods with ready-made & waste materials. We’ll also discuss present and potential future culinary and therapeutic applications of mushrooms, potential benefits, how to get involved, the state of therapeutic entheogens, general safety, and have some engaging Q&A. More than anything, we hope to have fun and keep it playful.