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2023 Instructor lineup

It all began in Akron, Ohio at a spin jam, where Loopy was introduced to her first hula hoop and her first burn. From there she fell instantly in love with the community, fire spinning, and the process of learning and growing with your props. She has since gone on become proficient at 3 hoops, and fire fans and Is still learning double staves, and taking an interest in contact staff.
She is humbled and honored to have the opportunity to teach at Playthink this year and hopes to build lasting and genuine friendships through this enlightening event.

Your First Hoop
This beginning class designed for children will go over all of your basics! Waist hooping, basic isolations, a single weave, and all the basic grips you’ll need to get started. Never hooped before? No problem, this is the class for you!
Double the Mini Fun!
This class will show you the basics of spinning 2 hoops at the same time! We will go over hand grips, 2 hoops 1 hand, some basic double tricks, some exercises to help strengthen your non dominant hand, and more! This class will be your complete guide to starting your double hoop journey.

*This class will be taught with mini double hoops, you are more than welcome to bring any size doubles to learn, but smaller doubles are highly recommended

*Prerequisites include single hoop isolations, flowers, and basic rolls
3D Double Hybrids
This class will focus on using mini double hoops in complex 3D patterns combining both planes. You will need a strong understanding of planes, and basic hoop shapes including isolations, flowers, cat eyes, (horizontal and vertical) and a basic understanding of 2 hoops one hand.

We will focusing on a variety of moves including 3D Flower vs Isolation, Box Building & Breaking, and 3D Cateye vs Isolation. And many others!