Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup
Leah Michelle

Leah Michelle, has been hula hooping since 2012. It’s clear she began with one simple move and went on to master the rest. A dazzling character on the stage and a professional in the classroom. As she progressed in her journey, she taught all of her friends along the way so they could also find the joy she did in hula hooping. She has taught weekly classes at dance studios, personal one on one classes, and hosted workshops at festivals. Her goal is to share the love that she has found from a hula hooping with everyone!

Get That Hoop Up!
This class goes over the techniques and tips of hula hooping on body in the vertical plane. In this class I teach students the different entry points for vertical hooping and different body placements. We go over troubleshooting of common obstacles while hooping in the vertical plane. Fun play time as I teach the fundamental movement of this trick, jumping! Additional challenge tricks of duck outs and tosses to keep everyone inspired.

(Prerequisites) Students will need to be able to waist and or chest hoop. I can teach basics to anyone who does not know these prerequisites but it is very valuable to be able to achieve in this class. They will need larger heavy on body hula hoops.
Double the Fun
Beginner doubles hoop class. This class is for students who feel so confused the moment they put two hoops in their hands. This class starts with learning simple terminology for double hoops. With the terms that I teach we then go into basic movements with two hoops. Same time, split time, same direction, opposite direction. I take them through a simple 3 position routine which grows confidence moving their arms with two hoops. Students are encouraged to bring a notebook to this class. Additional challenge tricks of split time same direction anti-spin flowers on the wall plane forward and backwards.

(What I need) Students are encouraged to bring their hoop journal to this class. We will need two hoops for every student so that they are able to follow through with the lessons.
Two Hoops, One Hand, Oh MY!
This is an advanced double hoops course. Where students will learn the tips of being able to manipulate two hoops on one hand. I take the class through a slow but steady routine they can use at home to adjust to the starting motion of two hoops. Then students will learn is that there are two different hoop placement options for both of the hoops while they’re rotating. We will then go through a practice session moving between these two spots. During this time, I will go around the class to speak one on one with the students about their form and any difficulties. Once I have spoken to all the students, we will come back together to learn a static two hoop one hand trick. We will go through some basic grid work with static hand position. Additional challenge trick, antispin flower with two hoops in one hand.
Dancy Legs
How to get comfortable leg hooping. This class helps students get past that feeling like they can’t move while the hula hoop is on their legs. I go over the 3 main ways to hula hoop around the leg, and teach the marching method. This allows for free mobility while leg hooping. End the class with a fun leg hooping race! Where students put their learning to the test to see who can win a race while leg hooping.

(Prerequisites) This class is for all levels of hula hoopers. I will teach students how to leg hoop if they do not already know. And for students that do already know how to leg hoop I will explain the different ways to leg hoop to get them more comfortable with moving while leg hooping. Students will need larger heavy on body hula hoops.