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2023 Instructor lineup
Jen and Mike

Jen Donovan is a certified TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) provider, Licensed Professional Counselor, and certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with an MS in Couples and Family Therapy. Her specialization in trauma informed care, nervous system and neurological health structure the practice and theory behind our protocol development.
Jen’s career has been in mental health with a focus on unresolved trauma/PTSD. Always looking for more effective methodologies to help clients, Jen was drawn to somatic techniques such as TRE and polyvagal theory. Her own experience with healing an autoimmune and nervous system disorder led her to focus on these practices from more than just a professional perspective, and were key pieces in her journey to health.

Mike Welch is a personal trainer, Acrofit certified instructor, and Neuromeditation level 2 certified instructor with an AAS in Exercise Science. His comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, integrative movement and energetic practices provide the spiritual and physical underpinnings of our work.
Mike shifted his career into the world of fitness after he was laid off from his high stress job in the tech industry. He pursued exercise and lifestyle changes as a remedy to his mental health challenges including PTSD, depression and anxiety. Mike found some aspects of the fitness world lacking in it’s understanding of the nervous system and subtle bodies, and began exploring meditation and spiritual practices. He has been trained as a Neuro Meditation Instructor Level 2 through the Neuro Meditation Institute.

Embodied Nervous System Reset - Tension Release
Soothe Wellness brings you proprietary dynamic workshops in which we use both modern neuroscience and traditional tools in a holistic framework to reset your nervous system. Our Embodied Nervous System Resets are carefully designed interactive protocols. This Tension Relief workshop will help release stuck tension and trauma stored in the body in order to get you into a state of increased regulation and relaxation.

This is an immersive sensory experience where sound, visualization, somatic awareness, vocalizations, and simple movement practices are combined, ensuring you will leave with a refreshed and renewed nervous system.
The Middle Pillar Ritual: A powerful tool to build and focus energy, shake off quantum debris from your aura, heal body and spirit and ultimately change your life!
The Middle Pillar Ritual: A powerful tool to build and focus energy, shake off quantum debris from your aura, heal body and spirit and ultimately change your life!

The origin of the Middle Pillar ritual can be attributed to Francis Israel Regardie, English occultist, former member of the magickal order Stella Matutina, prolific occult author and psychologist. November 17, 1907 – March 10, 1985

The Middle Pillar ritual utilizes words of power and energy centers of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to super charge your energy field. This powerful tool of self improvement can heal your body and mind, can relax and refresh you, supercharge and focus you, and give you a whole new perspective on magick and self-realization. This workshop will talk about the origins of the Middle Pillar and will also explain how, why and when to use it. There will be a lecture followed by a guided practical application of the Kabbalistic Cross and Middle Pillar exercises that will leave you in a state of charged bliss, ready to tackle the rest of the festivities of the day with a renewed fervor!