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2023 Instructor lineup

Irijah McDowell is a Nutripath and Holistic Health Coach. Nutripathy is a European biological science rooted in the knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and holistic approach. This practice integrates Eastern modalities as well as ancient and modern healing philosophies and techniques. His services at his practice Nature of Health include a microscopic evaluation to determine immune system activity and mineral content in the red blood cells, individualized food and supplement testing through biofeedback as well as a personalized self empowering wellness plan specifically created for the individual.
Irijah completed a five year Nutipathic internship in 2006 with a degree in European Biological Medicine, Live Blood Cell Microscopy and is a certified Biofeedback Technician. He is trained and specializes in identifying the body’s nutritional needs and helping to orient each individual in how to listen to their body and live in a holistic way.
“I truly believe in the innate and adaptive self-healing power of the human body!”

Holistic Life for a Healthy You!
Our bodies when functioning at their highest capacity can heal infection, dis-ease and relieve stress that blocks us from being our best! Reaching our full potential and vitality is possible when we put holistic principles into practice in our lives every day. Holistic meaning we address all the various lifestyle & dietary habits that affect our body and not just alleviate the symptoms.

To begin we must recognize and step into our personal power! Our power is found in the responsibility we take around the choices of the foods we eat and our daily habits we have that make a profound impact on our health! In this workshop I will introduce 11 foundational principles and practices that are at the core of a self-healing journey. Each of these Foundations of Health work together to bring balance and stability to the whole body.

The focus here is to strengthen our inner terrain which is composed of our innate and adaptive self-healing structures. When we live in a holistic way each day we build a healthy foundation of support in our bodies through our choices and habits. We bring balance, rejuvenation, and resilience that creates homeostasis in our lives.

Join me to discover how to holistically activate and integrate our powerful self-healing body!