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2023 Instructor lineup
Hanna Rainbow

As a long time lover of nature, Hanna has always found so much connection, healing, and community involved in working with plant medicine. After nearly 2 decades of personal healing work and working professionally in the healing arts, Hanna has always had a deep desire and passion to help people learn to heal themselves.

Hanna would consider herself a Ceremonialist. She loves creating ritual and ceremony in all things. Joining her in Ceremony can prove to be a life-changing experience. Being granted access to our hearts after perhaps a lifetime of feeling disconnected is a priceless gift. Hanna holds a safe & expansive container for others to do just this. Settling back into our heart center gives permission for our hearts to begin to lead life. This is her way of being fully devoted to Mama Earth & all her gifts.

Kanna Tea Ceremony
Imagine a path being illuminated that lead back to your big, beautifully expansive & full of love heart. Now imagine being given the key to gain access to the door of your heart. Now imagine residing fully in your heart centers safe & loving energy. Join Hanna in Ceremony with sacred Kanna tea.

Kanna is a succulent found in the deserts of South Africa. As an Empathogen, Kanna increases feelings of empathy and kindness, as well as feelings of being socially accepted and connected. As a Euphoriant, Kanna produces feelings of excitement and happiness. As an Anxiolytic, Kanna releases stress and tension held on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. As a Nootropic, Kanna protects the brain and nervous system while enhancing memory, cognition, and other important executive functions. As an Aphrodisiac, Kanna stimulates and enhances love, desire, and pleasure. As a Hypnotic, Kanna induces healthy, natural sleep. As a plant ally, Kanna can help us become more resilient and less reactive to daily, unavoidable triggers, and help us cultivate and maintain a grounded, heart-centered state of being.