Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup
Fen Aisling

Fen has spent much of their time in the last 20 years intensely studying both the circus arts and a myriad of self-care and meditation techniques. These studies led them to what are now collectively called the Flow Arts, and specifically into the study of the Flow State, also commonly known as “being in the zone”. Their approach to flow is a unique patchwork of multiple disciplines, and as such is cross applicable to literally any field of study, management effort, or act of creation that one might engage in. One of their prime purposes in life has become the sharing of their experience with those who can benefit from adding some intentional flow into their lives.

Fen is a trained craftsman, musician, and dancer with decades of experience. Over the years they have directed plays, acted on stage, designed shows, built puppets, managed internationally known costume studios, washed uncountable piles of performer’s laundry, and learned how to change an actor’s clothes from one 3 piece suit into another in 30 seconds. A longtime circus enthusiast, Fen first learned to juggle 33 years ago, and has been a poi spinner for 18 years. They are genuinely excited to share with others the techniques and tricks they have learned over the years.

Intro to Poi Spinning
This workshop will take the beginner at poi spinning through the very basics. We will cover: what is a poi, where poi come from, the parts of a poi, the origins of poi spinning, terminology, and a set of foundational moves. Those moves include but are not limited to: forward and reverse spinning in wheel plane and wall plane, together and split timings, basic wall plane butterflies, turning while spinning, simple stalls, and basic weaves. This class goes as far as I can take the students in one session. Usually we make it through all the material above, and students always leave with plenty to practice as they move into becoming poi spinners. All ages are welcome, and, please be aware that children under 6 may find this very challenging. There will be some spare poi available for use, but if you can bring your own, please do.
Dance With Your Prop
Come learn how to stop standing still! Regardless of your prop or dance skill, you can learn how to express yourself by moving both your body and your prop together, to the limits of your ability.

We will move through meeting our prop again for the first time, exploring movement with us, and letting it become an extension of our being. Learn to move in conjunction with your prop instead of treating it as a separate entity.

Please bring your favorite prop (anything counts, and yes, jugglers are welcome) and come ready to explore and move. This is not a choreography class, and will focus more on your personal improvisation than on preplanned steps.