Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup
Ethyl Ruehman

Ethyl Ruehman is a CoCrea-inspired partner dance facilitator and intentional-community grower. She is informed by Somatic and experimental practices.

She is also a sprout in aerial silks, acro yoga and song circles. Ethyl also helps grow Lost in the Woods homestead, community, bee apiaries and Winery.

Wildcrafting partner and community dance
Ethyl facilitates dance through different realms of connection- by grounding into a connection with our own authentic expressions, we move into how to share our authentic expression with someone else’s and then find the groups authentic expression in movement.
Embodying Consent + Energetics
By connecting to our body, we can open up to our energetic field. This movement workshop encourages you to explore, be witnessed and to witness the authentic expression of boundaries and how it feels in our bodies, selves, partnerships and community. **no partner necessary