Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup
Cruz & Chelsie

As founders of an independently soveriegn Reservation, called Montage – Cruz and Chelsie work with others to restore mindful living practices and principles, while building a self-sustaining community. With ‘Wholistic Wellness’ being the focal point, Montage consists of Shamans, energetic healers, counselors, and sustainable living coaches. They offer individual sessions, workshops, and events. Montage is located just 15 minutes north of downtown Cincinnati!

Creating Art from Nature
Kids craft – I will provide drift wood pieces for the base, Earth clay/mud that we will layer on top, and flowers, clovers, dried mushrooms, moss, etc. to stick in the mud. The mud will dry and the display will make a great gift or centerpiece
DMT Breathwork
Activate your third eye in this exhilarating exercise as endorphins are released and brought to the pineal, creating the chemical compound dimethyltriptamine, most commonly associated with ayahuasca