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2023 Instructor lineup
Cozmic Water

Synthesizing over 7-decades of both experiential and studious yoga practice, Tara & Bill’s (Cozmic Water’s) intention is to create a fully-embodied tapestry of blissful patterns – folding and unfolding with flowing focus – spontaneously spun from the fibers of attention. Woven from the threads of a consistent, coherent blend of yogic practices, technologies & wisdom of the medieval Kashmir Valley and blended with modern somatic movement & sensory science directing us toward the recognition of a deeper, more expansive mosaic of ‘Self’.

Expect a Cozmic Water practice to honor the wisdom and teachings of the ancients by holding the space for the blossoming of surrender, stillness, silence, sound, spaciousness, serenity, sahaja, samādhi, sleep (nidrā)… to re-create a natural and calm state of the mind, body and spirit.

Kirtan and Tales from the Devī Māhātmyam
Sing your way to stillness, dance your way to devotion, or listen your way to love.

Kirtan is the yoga of music, an ancient practice for awakening. Join us as we welcome all singers and musicians, people from all walks of life, all denominations and all ages to come along for a beautiful session of sacred rhythms and mantras. We’ll be chanting mostly in Sanskrit from the beloved 5th CE Devī Māhātmyam. These glorious stories from the ancient literature will be shared to help acquaint you with some of these chants.
Intro to Serenity Sound & Somatic Yin Yoga
Integrated approach to a harmoniously interconnected body, mind & spirit. Emphasizing visualization, movement-within-stillness, contemplative awareness and mantra. Ancient Kashmir Valley yoga teachings, traditional sound medicine, psycho-physiological research, with a Cozmic Water sound tapestry and finished with Sound Sojourn Yoga Nidrā. Accessible for all body types. Bring pillows, blankets
Introduction to Throat Singing
A brief history, ethnomusicology, meditative aspects and lessons.