Instructor Profile

2023 Instructor lineup
Carlee Ott and Maurice Legendre

Carlee and Maurice met on the dance floor and the vibrant connection they share has been a source of energy and inspiration ever since. With backgrounds in many styles of dance from breakdancing, pole, fire arts, ballet and other partner dance forms, Carlee and Maurice have found a special spirit in the close and dynamic style of Brazilian Zouk.
Since becoming dance partners Maurice and Carlee have taught Zouk together in the Ashevile area. Always with a focus on how to learn and grow in a heart centered way that looks out for the whole being while learning this unique dance style. Being avid snugglers, they’ve discovered that sometimes Zouk has the same warmth and caring while moving to music.

Zouk Partner Dance FUNdamentals
Dive right into the basic steps of Brazilian Zouk. No partner necessary. We’ll focus on how to dance to rhythm and using pause and play to add yumminess to your dance.
Zouk: Partner Dance from the Heart
Learn to dance from your chest and heart. We’ll play with isolations and body movements that you can use in Zouk or your own dance style. Use imagination to create a flow of energy through the body in several planes of movement.