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2023 Instructor lineup
Astro Sparks

Astro Sparks is the energy and love for movement that began to grow when Andrea started her aerial dance, circus performance and flow arts journey in 2018. This journey began with aerial hoop (lyra) classes, expanded with (hula) hoop dance in 2019, and continues to grow with whatever training she can get involved in. She nerds out about the physical and emotional benefits of these practices, as well as the community and empowerment they harness.

In 2021, Andrea completed trainings through Hoola-Fit and CirqFit to teach hoop dance and lyra classes. She has hosted several hoop workshops in her area, but this will be her first time teaching at a festival. She can’t wait to share her love and knowledge of hoop at PlayThink!

Exploring Escalators
Starting from basic escalator and working our way up to fancier variations. Exploring upward, downward, and continuous escalators, as well as entrances and exits.
Hoop Movement
Get moving with a mixture of fitness and flow. Warm up, drill a combination of on and off body foundational tricks, create a flow as a group, have a couple minutes of play time, then stretch it out and reconnect with your breath.
Head, shoulders, chest & hoops
Exploring chest and shoulder rolls!