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2023 Instructor lineup
Andy Karavitis

Andy Karavitis was born in the mid 1970s, and he has lived and learned in a number of places. Mostly Wyoming and Texas have been his home states. His education is a Bachelors degree in Religious Studies from the University of Sioux Falls. He and his life-partner, Maggie Lasher, have shared many adventures together since about 2002. His day job is being a contractor, doing construction and apartment maintenance. His hobbies include guitar, mixing music, and hiking. His favorite flow arts practices are dancing and poetry. Andy has been to Playthink a handful of times.

Connecting Inner Peace to World Peace: Mind Control Smorgasbord for Flow Arts and Beyond
Flow arts, yoga, and everyday life all benefit from improved ability to focus and control our own minds. Let’s playfully experiment together with the most trusted techniques for improving mental discipline from all over the world and throughout history. Really the title explains the whole class. Connecting Inner Peace to World Peace: Mind Control Smorgasbord for Flow Arts and Beyond. The goal is to dabble into a lot of methods, and give the participants enough to start exploring further on any of these paths.
Ecstatic Dance, Spiral Journey to the Center of the Earth
There will be a musical warm-up time for stretching and starting to move gently. Then an opening circle where I describe the guidelines of the dance. Then the musical program will begin, which is designed to guide the participants on a journey of our collective imagination. We will be digging deep into the caverns of bass, to emerge glowing and triumphant on the other side. This is a non-judgemental freestyle dance and there are no prerequisites in terms of prior knowledge of anything whatsoever. Skill as a dancer is not required. You might get some exercise but really this is just for fun.