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That there be only one thing and that we are it. All of the ways we manifest separateness in Universe are our own reflection and potentials for remembering the truth of the situation. We come together to find the resemblances and merge beingness.

Through the tools of sigils, tarot, crystals, plant medicine, numbers, and yoga, I offer opportunities for remembering oneness and the truth of ourselves.

Let's Play with Magick Symbols!
Through the process of linking thoughts and emotions to visual art in the form of symbols, we can make changes in our lives. You will be empowered with tools to create new paths for yourself and move toward the life you want. Instruction will be adapted as much as possible to include all ages in attendance.
Tarot: Mirrors of Reflection
At times it is helpful to see ourselves from a different perspective, a task that can be challenging from within our own nexus of perception. Tarot, a set of symbols and archetypes which are manifest by and speak to the human psyche, can act as a mirror reflecting qualities of our lives that can assist us in self-actualization and achieving greater perception of our Selves.

Instruction and conversation will be three-fold. We will discuss the essential meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana, the Four Suits, and spread patterns. We will then exchange readings with partners for a bit of practicum. The Thoth Tarot and Rider-Waite decks will be on hand and form the basis for instruction. Finally, we will discuss how to use these divinings and learnings within our lives.