Getting to Know Harvest Moon Designs at the Kentucky Yoga Festival

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Kali, the creative force behind Harvest Moon Designs, a unique artisan jewelry brand that features an eclectic mix of crystals, wood, clay, vintage books, leather, and other foraged goods. Harvest Moon Designs is renowned for its one-of-a-kind pieces that are both wearable and artful, making a statement wherever you go. From everyday simplicity to avant-garde couture, Kali’s creations are a testament to her innovative approach to material and design.

This year at the Kentucky Yoga Festival, we had a chance to catch up with Kali and learn all about her products, and purpose. Join us as we dive into the mind of Kali, exploring her journey, creative process, and the spiritual and mindful elements she infuses into her work.

Sara: Can you tell us the name of your company and a little bit about your journey that led you to work as a vendor at this type of festival?

Kali of Harvest Moon Designs: Yeah, so I am Harvest Moon Designs. I started after I had my kid; he was born on a full Harvest Moon, so that’s where the name came from. I had postpartum really bad, so I needed something to reconnect myself. I started making art again—I’m a formally trained oil painter—and I needed something that wasn’t that, something I could put away. So, I started tinkering with jewelry. I’ve always been a fan of crystals, so I wanted to find places and my people, to share what I enjoy doing and my art. That’s how I ended up at places like the Kentucky Yoga Festival. I’ve been traveling with my art, and now we’re here!

Sara: Awesome! That’s so good. I think you answered several of my questions in that one.

How do you infuse elements of mindfulness, wellness, and spirituality into your practice?

Kali: A lot of the pieces I create have intentions, or I help guide people with intentions. Some of the necklaces I make pair different crystals to evoke certain feelings. I also have everyday use items like magnets and visual reminders of crystals, so people see those reminders in their daily lives. I make tea strainers that I hand wrap with crystals and create different intention bags and manifestation ideas. For events like a total eclipse, I offer eclipse water and help people learn how to harness those energies.

I also use a lot of vintage texts and dictionaries. Harnessing and remembering the past, bringing those old-world pieces back to life, and the magic of words are powerful to me, so I try to include that. I have a “manifestation station” where everyone who visits can dig in, feel around, say something out loud they’re trying to manifest, or think it, and then take a crystal as a reminder. Everyone gets a little extra magic when they shop with me. I’m trying to spread that vibe—remembering where we came from and romanticizing our everyday lives.

Sara: Oh yeah. I love that. It’s really coming through in your work. Thank you.

Can you share any personal anecdotes or transformative experiences you’ve witnessed from your offerings?

Kali: People always say my jewelry is funky but easy to wear, and they feel the individual vibe I give everything. I don’t mass-produce the same items; I hand-wrap every wire bracelet and use individual stones. Even if I’m making something in bulk, like hoops, each piece is different. I try to make everything unique to the customers so they feel it’s their piece. Even the sizing on the stretch bracelets varies. I mix media to make everything feel individualized. When people find a piece, it feels like it’s meant for them.

Sara: Yeah, I can feel that coming through. Now I want to find my piece!! Thank you. We’re covering a lot of ground. 

What advice would you give festival attendees who are seeking to deepen their experience?

Kali: Really use your intuition. Any vendor can recommend anything, but the experience of using crystals and manifestation is personal. Walk in and use your gut; feel what piece is right for you and connect with people’s art. We put our energy into our work, and people can feel that energy. Spend time with the handmade pieces; it’s an exchange of energy in the long term.

Sara: Yeah, you’re like, “I’m viewing it as part of you.” I love that.

Last question, how can people connect with you beyond the festival to continue exploring your offerings?

Kali: I’m online, and since I travel most of the year, I don’t have a physical shop right now, but I’m expanding. People can contact me directly on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or email. When people reach out for orders, it’s often for custom work. They might have seen a design, like my vintage dictionary necklaces, and ask if I have a specific animal or symbol they connect with. I do a lot of custom work this way. If people are looking for specific types of stones, I can make anything into any of my general designs or create an avant-garde piece. I’m always up for a design challenge, so get a hold of me.

Sara: Thank you so much for being here and bringing your shop and your light. 

Kali of Harvest Moon’s review of the Kentucky Yoga Festival:

“It was exactly what my soul needed in ways I didn’t even know. Such a genuine and pure experience of friendship, healing, and love. Made some bonds that will last a lifetime. Can’t wait to be back next year!”

What are shoppers saying about their experience with Harvest Moon Designs

Elizabeth recommends Harvest Moon Designs:

“I purchased beautifully packaged gifts for my coworkers. They all loved their custom bracelets and were giddy over the bonus crystals that Kali included!”

Andrew recommends Harvest Moon Designs.

“Beautiful hand made jewelry. beautiful specimens of a wide variety of rocks and minerals. would gladly do business with harvest moon again✌️💪”

Paige recommends Harvest Moon Designs.

“I absolutely love everything here. Great quality and they are SO helpful and nice! ✨️”

Dive Deeper into the World of Harvest Moon Designs

Ready to explore more of Kali’s unique creations? Follow Harvest Moon Designs on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, or send an email to Kali for custom orders. Discover how you can bring a piece of magic into your life with bespoke artisan jewelry and spiritual tools that resonate with your personal journey. Visit our online store now to start your collection and embrace the unique blend of art, intention, and nature that Harvest Moon Designs offers.

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